Labor & Employment Legal Update

When: Friday, November 1, 2019 from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM

Where: Tavistock, Haddonfield

Overview: Please join us for a complimentary Labor & Employment Breakfast Seminar. This course will cover the major state and federal laws affecting labor and employment law.



Legal Update: Case Decisions, Laws and Regulations (Peter L. Frattarelli, Esquire)
Every year, courts and administrative bodies issue influential and often far-reaching decisions in the field of labor and employment law. This past year has been far from the exception, with the New Jersey Legislature at least appearing to work overtime to pass broad new workplace laws. This presentation will highlight the key case decisions from state and federal courts and administrative agencies, as well as offer updates on new federal and state laws and regulations that will impact your business.

The #MeToo Movement Continues – Avoiding Harassment Claims in this New Era (Kimberly A. Capadona, Esquire)
The #MeToo Movement continues to have a significant impact on how sexual harassment and sexual assault victims are portrayed and treated, whether in schools, workplaces or society in general. These changes have raised the expectations of employees, and therefore the risk of workplace harassment claims. This presentation will analyze the impact that the #MeToo movement has had on employers, and provide an updated refresher on how all employers must promptly respond to harassment complaints.

Recruiting and Onboarding: How to Seek, Select, and Hire While Minimizing Risk (Douglas Diaz, Esquire)
Employers have long dealt with a variety of laws and regulations in the hiring process, but recent changes in New Jersey and elsewhere have only increased the checklist of items. This presentation will summarize the existing and new laws and regulations (including New Jersey’s new ban on asking for an applicant’s salary history) and provide guidance on interviewing and hiring “best practices.”

Managing the FMLA, and the Changes to the New Jersey Family Leave and Insurance Laws (David A. Rapuano, Esquire)
Employers face an expanding array of employee leave laws which present a complicated matrix of obligations to employees. This task has been made much more complicated for employers in the past year, as New Jersey has significantly expanded the leaves, protections, and benefits available to employees under the New Jersey Family Leave Act and the New Jersey Family Leave Insurance Law. This presentation will explain the changes to the laws and how employers must manage employee time off covered by these laws to avoid running afoul of the law.

Wage and Hour Update – Latest Update in New Jersey and Nationwide (Ashley LeBrun, Esquire)
2019 has been a dramatic year for changes to wage and hour laws. New Jersey passed a sweeping change to the New Jersey Minimum Wage and Overtime law, along with a law which vastly increases possible liability (including criminal liability) for even innocent wage and hour mistakes. Elsewhere, the U.S. Department of Labor significantly increased the minimum salary required before an employee could be considered exempt from overtime. This presentation will provide an overview of those new laws, as well as wage and hour compliance advice.

Panel Discussion (Archer Law Group)
Have any other questions? The Archer Law Group team will convene a panel discussion to answer the most pressing questions not covered in the other presentations. Please submit the questions you want answered, when you RSVP for the event, and the Panel may address your question with the audience.


  • HR Certification Institute – Pending-Approval for 2.75 (General) recertification credit hours.
  • New Jersey CLE: 3.2 credits requested (General)
  • Pennsylvania CLE: 2.5 credits requested (Substantive)


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